The EXTRA project: Phase One is an ongoing personal experiment where I try to satisfy an alter ego residing in me which craves to be immersed within the contemporary aesthetic of the “extra”. What fascinates me is the way in which extra can aid in personal escapism, whether that be by dressing up, putting a face on or even acting in a certain way. Usually we see the aesthetic nature of extra manifested through social media, avant garde fashion, music videos or drag culture. Models, Queens and social users dress up and down constantly,  a lot of the time looking completely unrecognisable, they use their bodies as a blank canvas. Extra is exaggerative, stunning some even call it ridiculous but  overall, Extra is art. I explored this topic through a digital zine consisting of all my journer. 

The EXTRA project: Phase Two was a website exploring the theme of extra in an external environment rather than internal. I noticed a pattern of trends popping up on my social media which I wanted to track and archive. The website became just that, an audio-visual archive which began with ‘The Feed’ consisting of the post found on social media and when clicked takes you to a page disecting the look and comparing its roots and its present presence in society. Alongside the visual collage is also an audio file which consists of a bunch of extracted audios speaking about the current trend at hand.