When covid hit designers were left with one question: how can we actually use these restrictions in order to create? Thousands of projects were created during this time using these limitations to their advantage and showcasing for once more how creativity will always find ways to thrive despite circumstances. In a group with Marianne Born and Ana Gusu when faced with this question we believed it was pre-existing collaborative virtual platforms and tools which could help us. As unconvential as it was we decided to use excel google sheets as the basis of our project and see how far we could push its limits to change its use entirely and adapt it. The benefit of google sheets is that it allows multiple people to work on it at the same time. Secondly, if the margins and columns are made smaller they actually begin to represent 1x1 squares or ... pixels. Pixel art seemed like the funnest and easiest way to get everyone to collaborate so we focused on making prompts where everyone could showcasing feelings, window-views etc. and sharing the experience with one another to not feel so alone while stuck at home.