An anti-souvenir project consisting of a series of collages that document and expose the reality of modern greece, as a response to the mythical version usually portrayed by the tourism industry. What Greece is going through in modern day is raw and ugly but it is real and it is here and it is a bigger part of our country that our ancient ruins ever were. The gap between Ancient Greece and Modern Greece is huge and this project is in hopes to educate and brigde it for those who are unaware. The collages which combine historical/ancient figures and places with the real images extracted from modern society are a beautiful depiction of the past and the present and a way to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly of this contemporary visualscape. Each print reflects on a different theme which is actually part of the Greek experience and relatable for anyone from here. From fruitpicking in the middle of the city to being dripped on by an AC unit on a night out or confronted by the public display of affection, this is the true Greek experience. The name All Is Flux, nothing stays was said by the philosopher Iraklitos in order to explain the idea that everything is life is constantly moving and flowing and like a river never stops or takes a moment whether we like it or not. We are in a constant state of flux and evolution. The  design for the envelopes and brand had to be as anti-stereotypically Greek as possible hence the lack of blue in the design. Instead it is red, the colour of urgency and alertness whilst also that of heat. The map of Greece also had to be included as many tourism campaigns fail to inform the world about the rest of mainland Greece, leaving many to not know about anything other than the islands.